Life is better lived in retro style

Betty Boomerang is for all of us who love mid-century style.

Meet Betty!

Betty Boomerang is your new atomic-age-friend.  She scouts the coolest home and lifestyle finds, adds her own creations and flair, and delivers a special package of awesomeness to your door.  

Betty Boomerang is the based in Orange, CA.   In a house that, sadly, doesn't have a pink bathroom.

Meet the "Chief Betty Officer"

Maya is the person behind Betty Boomerang.  She grew up in a mid-century house in northern Illinois with art-collecting parents.  She started the millennium by marrying a SoCal native .  By 2008, she had finally converted him into a retro-lover, and they bought a mid-century house in Orange County.  It had a yellow bathroom, and they added an orange fridge.  In 2011, they had a baby boy, named after a Mad Men character.  In 2012, Maya's husband died after a brief battle with adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare salivary gland tumor.  She has since relocated to the city of Orange, where she lives in a not-at-all-atomic ranch with her son and odd-eyed cat.